Donate to the action fund, used to support debt strikers as they organize public events, plan actions, and build a national movement to demand debt cancellation and free, quality education for all.


Your donation will support 501(c)(3) charitable and educational work to spread the word about debt collection practices and to support the organizing efforts of debtors challenging how we finance and access basic necessities such as housing, medical care and education. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

We are the Corinthian Collective. We believe that all current and former students of Corinthian Colleges deserve to have their debts cancelled.

Corinthian Colleges has been accused by several state and federal government agencies of fraud and predatory lending, yet the Department of Education continues to collect on Corinthian students’ debts. Join the Corinthian Collective to fight back against Corinthian and the Department of Education.

By collectively refusing to pay their loans, the corinthian strikers are fighting for all student debtors.


What is a strike?

Corinthian students are currently involved in a student debt strike. A student debt strike is a collective commitment to not pay student loans. The goal of the strike is to join together to put pressure on lenders and the Department of Education to cancel your loans. Corinthian students are in a particularly good position to demand debt relief since their school has been accused of fraud and predatory lending.

Join the strike.

Is there a lawsuit?

No. There is no lawsuit that students can join at this time. When students enrolled in Corinthian they signed an arbitration clause, effectively signing away their right to sue in a court of law.

Don’t get us wrong. Corinthian is facing plenty of legal trouble. If the government agencies win any of their suits against the school, you may get some debt relief. But nothing is certain.

The Debt Collective is working with lawyers on a legal strategy called “Defense to Repayment”. Fill out the form here.

As we move forward, we can develop other ways to fight back as well.