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Students of Corinthian Colleges have declared a debt strike by refusing to pay their federal loans. Click on a striker to read their story.

To the Department of Education,
to the loan servicers,

To the genesis lending company,
To corinthian and ECMC,

We have one thing to say

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19 February, 2015

Who are we? We are the first generation made poor by the business of education.

We are people living paycheck to paycheck, single mothers, and young people just starting out. We wanted an education because we were driven to learn and to achieve a better life for ourselves and for our families.

We trusted that education would lead to a better life. And we trusted you to ensure that the education system in this country would do so. But Corinthian took advantage of our dreams and targeted us to make a profit. You let it happen, and now you cash in.

Each month you force us to make payments into an immoral system that profits from our aspirations.

We paid dearly for degrees that have led to unemployment or to jobs that don’t pay a living wage. We can’t and won't pay any longer.

Repayment plans presented as a helping hand simply aren’t good enough. The wrong done to us is deeper than that.

We are not alone in this fight. Corinthian’s predatory empire pushed hundreds of thousands into a debt trap. But even beyond for-profit schools, tens of millions of students are in more debt than they can ever repay. And you are the debt collector, with powers beyond a payday lender’s wildest dreams.

To the Department of Education and to the lenders, servicers, and guarantee agencies who have stolen our futures, we say: enough! Erase these loans.

To current and former college students across the country, we say: we stand with you to demand the end of a higher education system that profits from all our dreams. Join our fight.

We won’t pay.
We are the Corinthian Fifteen

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19 February, 2015

As educators, artists, activists, intellectuals, and advocates, we have seen the grisly restructuring of higher education bury at least one generation of students under a mountain of debt.

In response to this economic cruelty, we have voted, we have rallied, we have made speeches, we have published, we have made films. The time has now come to strike. In signing this letter of support for the Corinthian 15, we stand with a group of students who have decided, collectively, to refuse repayment of their federal loans.They will take this bold act as members of the Debt Collective, a pilot debtors’ union.

Corinthian Colleges Inc. was one of the nation’s largest for-profit colleges, and it is rapidly imploding. Corinthian carefully and deliberately led students into a debt trap: charging sky-high tuition, maxing out federal aid, offering private loans at extortionate interest rates, manipulating employment statistics, and targeting low-income communities, people of color, single mothers, and veterans with aggressive and misleading recruiting methods.

This pattern of deceit was directly dependent on backing from the Department of Education, since federal loans supply unscrupulous colleges like Corinthian with nearly 90% of their revenue.

Corinthian’s scam was exposed, and the company is now under investigation for fraud; its predatory lending practices are the target of multiple state and federal lawsuits.

The Department of Education has the power to discharge student debt incurred under fraudulent circumstances, but has chosen instead to bail out this swindling corporation.

Corinthian’s Wall Street investors are being looked after, while the students, who face a lifetime of debt servitude for worthless credits and degrees, are still expected to make timely payments.

By declaring a strike, the Corinthian 15 are taking debt relief into their own hands and challenging the Department of Education to look out for students instead of protecting rich and powerful creditors.

By declaring a strike, they are taking a stand for all student debtors, by reminding us that for-profit schools are just an extreme version of our increasingly untenable system of debt-financed higher education. By declaring a strike, the Corinthian 15 are asking why the U.S. lags so far behind other industrialized societies in denying its citizenry the right to free college enrollment.

All current and former Corinthian students deserve to have their debts discharged. They are also owed a quality education.

Join us as we, the undersigned, support the Corinthian 15.

Andrew Ross

Astra Taylor

Barbara Ehrenreich

Bill McKibben

Carne Ross

David Graeber

David Harvey

Douglas Rushkoff

Frances Fox Piven

Gabriella Coleman

James Schamus

Jeff Chang

Katie Alice Greer of Priests

Leah Hunt-Hendrix

Marina Sitrin

Michael Hardt

Molly Crabapple

Naomi Klein

Nathen Schneider

Rebecca Solnit

Robin Kelley

Rodrigo Nunes

Ruthie Gilmore

Saket Soni

Sheila Heti

Slavoj Zizek

Todd Gitlin

Vijay Prashad

Sarita Gupta

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